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English for Professionals

English for Professionals

This English language course programme is designed for:

  • individual workers who have studied English under good conditions but have not been able to practise it for years and who need to refresh their knowledge in order to excel in their career;
  • those who have not been able to spend the necessary time to practise English, with a lack of structuring of their learning as a result;

These courses focus on real-life situations that you frequently face in your workplace.
By taking these courses, you will acquire skills in the following areas: negotiation, conflict management, relationship building, conducting meetings or teleconferences, Interview, Recruitment, Writing administrative letters, etc.
The courses focus on the following areas: grammar, vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation, listening, comprehension, reading and writing skills.

Duration of training: from 4 weeks to 3 months.

Number of hours: 20 hours of lessons per week (this also varies depending on the needs of the learner)