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At Community Bilingual Center (CBC), the registrations process is open throughout the year. Any learner who plans to register for our courses programs has to register according to the session calendar. Even if he or she has a busy schedule, some arrangements can be made for him or her. In addition, each session has a three-month duration. After being registered, the learner undergoes an aptitude test and oral Interview. The result of this placement test determines the learner’s level (A1 = Beginner, A2= False Beginner, B1= Elementary, B2= Pre-Intermediate, C1= Intermediate and C 2= Advanced Intermediate). In our training center, the placement test is compulsory and is used to determine the learner’s level.

There is no prerequisite qualification needed for admission. Nevertheless, each student is highly recommended to inform the center of his or her academic background. Valid identity documents and two passport photos are the required documents.

Assessment method : For each session, a mid-term exam, a final exam and a mini dissertation on a chosen topic are the assessment procedures.
All of this is attested by an attestation or a diploma.

Teaching Method: Our teachers use an interactive approach, focusing on interesting and entertaining lessons, in order to enable you to learn more effectively. Educational excursions are also made available to our learners to enable them to interact with native speakers of the language and this at a reasonable cost.